From Home to Home

From Home to Home

All You Need to Know When You First Leave Home

Maren Greve Enthoven


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Maren Greve Enthoven wrote this book to make you feel safe and able when the day comes for you to leave home. From Home to Home is a friendly compendium of the advice and information that helped her survive and enjoy life when she left home. The pages are filled with lots of little secrets that you can hopefully pass down to your generations.
Setting up on your own for the first time can be a wonderful and really exciting experience, but it can also be frightening when you only have yourself to depend on. It is essential reading for boys and girls alike and for their parents’ peace of mind!
Hence, this book is written to help make it easy for you to cope and enjoy this new chapter in your life.


Maren Greve Enthoven:
At the age of seventeen, Maren Greve Enthoven left Denmark to go to university in Scotland. On a brief visit to London, a photographer friend named Ray Harwood took her to Lucy Clayton, a famous modelling agency, and she was immediately offered a Vogue contract by the then editor, Bee Miller, who took her under her wing. She didn’t return to university, but began a career as a top model and was one of the modelling world’s best-known faces during the sixties and early seventies. Her work took her to New York, Paris, Milan and Rome from her base in London. She is the first to admit that she couldn’t so much as boil an egg when she first left home and her teenage years in London without parental help were difficult ones. She has a son and a daughter of her own and three gorgeous grandchildren. When her own children (Tania and Peter) left home, Maren had the idea to write this book, in the hopes that she could make the transition to independence just that little bit easier for the many young people stepping out into the world on their own for the first time.