50 Days of Pleasure

50 Days of Pleasure

Anita L. Roseboro, Michelle D. Rayford


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When an obsessive fan threatens to derail Basketball Superstar Dallas Avery’s relationship with the alluring and independent Alicia Mitchell, a trip to Canada comes at the opportune time. The historic sites and chilly landscapes help to stir the growing connection between the couple.

Then a distressed infant is thrust into their care. The teenage mother and her baby are in danger and only trust Dallas and Alicia to help. With the local mob in pursuit and Dallas and Alicia unable to depend on the police, they must flee the country using a historic mode of escape.

Each Pleasures book is a standalone, NO cliffhangers

USA TODAY, and National Bestselling Authors take you on amazing journey with NBA Basketball Star, Dallas Avery, and Alicia Mitchell, a woman who is as mysterious as she is beautiful.
Follow this unlikely couple as they travel to exotic places such as Paris, Durabia, Caribbean, Scotland and many others. Each story embroils them in a new set of challenges and adventure as they navigate their way to love.

Book 1–10 Days of Pleasure by Stephanie M. Freeman
Book 2–20 Days of Pleasure by J. L. Campbell
Book 3–30 Days of Pleasure by Sierra Kay
Book 4–40 Days of Pleasure by Martha Kennerson and Stephanie M. Freeman
Book 5–50 Days of Pleasure by Anita L. Roseboro and Michelle D. Rayford
Book 6–60 Days of Pleasure by Vanessa
Book 7–70 Days of Pleasure by Christine Pauls
Book 8–80 Days of Pleasure by Aiken Ponder
Book 9–90 Days of Pleasure by Marie L. McKenzie and Naleighna Kai
Book 10—Open Door Marriage by Naleighna Kai


Anita L. Roseboro:
, is a National Bestselling author. Her works include ‘Summer Breeze’, and ‘Show Me No Mercy’, and co-write of ‘Knight of Grand Crossing’ with Hiram ‘Shogun’ Harris, and poetry featured in various anthologies. A native of North Carolina, Anita is an avid fan of crime dramas, and looks forward to penning novels of the same variety. A regular contributor to Naleighna Kai’s Literary Café Magazine, Anita is currently honing her skills as a typesetter, beta reader, as well as expanding her catalog.

Michelle D. Rayford is a National Best-selling author whose trademark stories deal with love, marriage and the messiness that comes after saying “I Do.” Her debut novel, Moment of Truth, has been applauded for its real-life characters and contemporary issues and she has short stories penned in several anthologies. Michelle lives in a Southern city with her husband and two daughters and can be reached via her website at www.michelledrayford.com.