In the Fullness of Time

In the Fullness of Time

Tales of the Christ

Jose F Cantu


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Chaff, a pebble, and a fly on the wall are herein assigned human attributes in considering what they might have thought and said relative to their own experience in the presence of the Christ. A glimpse is thus provided as to the possible relationship of things inanimate and/or of lesser creatures before the Creator.

This work includes a classroom setting that addresses the imperfections of the Mosaic Law as opposed to the wonder of grace; a tale of an atheist who challenges God; a boy from dire poverty who desires nothing but to serve God; an old fisherman; and the work concludes with a memorial in the passing of a dear friend, the great grandson of King Kamehameha, the first King and Ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The thrust of this work aims to emphasize the joy of God’s salvation - the joy of serving Him.


Jose F Cantu:

A resident of Stockton, CA, Jose Cantu has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Tuleburg Press of Stockton, CA, and is a member of the Heritage Writers Community of San Joaquin County.

He has written three novels while developing his craft, “The Deadeye Deuce;” “Full Circle;” “The Legacy: A Heritage of Hate;” and one book of poetry, “A Chorus of Christmas Carols.”

Jose is an award-winning poet who has appeared on television as part of a telecast for writers, and also speaks at writing seminars and workshops. Many of the poems appearing in this book have been shared in a variety of public settings.

His writing style developed as an outgrowth of his desire to veer away from long-established customs of poetic expression.

Jose holds a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Mary’s University; a Master’s Degree in Management & Supervision Administration from Central Michigan University; a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Nova University; and a Doctorate in that field also from Nova University.