My Darling, My Daughter

My Darling, My Daughter

Alessandra Hovey


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Research has shown that childhood experiences have a direct impact on how we are as adults; our views, how we see others, how we see ourselves, the boundaries we set and much more. "My Darling, My Daughter" was written for Emma Hovey to help guide her through life while knowing her worth and that she will always have her Mommy to count on. Every little girl should be able to embrace who they are and stand tall even in times of adversity. "My Darling, My Daughter" is intended to provide love, acceptance, support, and wisdom that some don't experience until their later years. If this book can help prevent Emma, or any other little girls, from learning some lessons the "hard way" while providing them with the necessary tools for healthy relationships in adulthood, then "My Darling, My Daughter" has served its purpose.


Alessandra Hovey:
Alessandra Hovey is a wife and mother of two. She graduated from California Baptist University with her degree in Business Administration. She is currently a Nursing Home Administrator in Southern California where she fulfills her passion for helping and inspiring others to be the best that they can be. She hopes to reach and inspire many others through her writing as well.