Baked with Love

Baked with Love

Madelaine Rose McShannock


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Everyone loves a yummy dessert, but not everyone loves baking it. Fortunately, with THIS cookbook, you can bake your “cake” and eat it too. The author of Baked With Love, Madelaine Rose McShannock, specifically chose to share these twenty-two intricate but easy to follow mouthwatering recipes so that anyone can become a baker. Since gluten-free goodies often have the impression of being bland and dry, each recipe is also crafted in a way to taste equally as good with or without gluten. From her succulent Ring Around the Rosey Cake to her delectable Cup of Joe cookies and pleasing-to-one’s-tastebuds Pie Pops, Madelaine aspired to create delicious pastries with decadent gluten-free versions that would complement the original baked goods rather than be considered mere second tier alternatives. In the words of famous baker, Mary Berry, a sweet treat must be “Absolutely Scrummy!” While using countless cups of flour, handfuls of sugar, and a vast assortment of flavors, Madelaine discovered that whether there is gluten in the recipe or not, nothing can be baked to perfection if it is not baked with love.


Madelaine Rose McShannock:
Born and raised in a small town in Northern Michigan, Madelaine has loved to bake since she was a little girl. Any excuse to bake was good enough for her––holiday goodies, weekend treats, family favorites. While her family delighted in being her first customers, Madelaine was soon using their kitchen to bake batches of tasty treats to bring into school and work, as well as small orders for happy locals. It wasn’t long before she was expanding her baking business to farmers markets and graduation parties. Upon discovering that she was gluten intolerant, Madelaine became even more passionate about baking, especially gluten-free recipes. The absolute joy Madelaine gets from sharing her baked goods with those around her sparked her desire to share her most favorite and delicious recipes with all of you.